Quality Certification

The Quality System is adopted by applying all the established procedures, in order to satisfy the regulations in force and consequently the customers

UNI EN ISO 9001/2015

Certification of the 2015 Quality Management System

Sector EA:17

Mechanical components and mechanical processing based on customer design

Certifications and Quality Programme –

Fratelli Rosati snc of Terni has defined and implemented the Quality Programme, described in the Manual, to ensure, in the analysis and in the development of precision mechanical workings on customer specifications, the respect of all the established safety criteria and prescriptions, in accordance with the UNI EN 150 9000 series standards and in particular with the UNI EN 150 9002 standard (ed.94). Since October 2003 it has achieved the transition to UNI EN 1SO 9001/2000 certification. In 2015 it acquired the Quality Management System certification based on UNI EN 1SO 9001/2008 (ISO 9001/2008).


The company’s Quality Programme provides for process control activities always being constantly monitored. In this framework an essential role is played by the identification and traceability of activities through the analysis of non-conformities and the work of prevention, the elimination of critical factors, achieving total compliance with the established requirements.


The Quality System is adopted by all personnel, who apply all the procedures provided, in order to comply with the regulations in force and, consequently, to satisfy customers and clients.


Quality Control is an objective for F.lli Rosati and at the same time a constant stimulus for continuous improvement. The compliance of the businesses, with regard to the contractual and legal requirements, is established on the basis of objective and documented evidence. The goal is customer satisfaction within the contractual assumptions; this objective becomes evident with the minimisation of complaints received from customers.


In addition, the structure, with the improvement of organisational management, wishes to achieve greater efficiency in the use of resources. As regards the definition of the objectives for the period, they are established during the Management Review or in specific meetings, and are communicated to the internal structure by posting notices in the appropriate bulletin board.